(All photos are by KAVAN THE KID)

Growing up in Canada I never thought I'd ever do anything like this. Touring accross my country with one (now TWO) of my favorite bands.

Alex, Cody, me, Jack and Dan

I sort of expected to just be SEE THROUGH to these guys the whole tour (lol @ insecurities) but Dan texted me pre-tour to let me know 'HEY WE'RE HOMIES' and then after talking to Cody I figured out it was going to be a P-A-R-T-Y. I'm jealous of Set it Off's life. HOW DO THEY DO IT? They party every night, work out every day (yeah. i saw them sweat. you're jealous.), have the BEST attitudes and outlook, and everyone they roll with is just an awesome human. The one moment that really blew my mind was when there was a problem with the sound and everything died, and I would have made that awkward as FUCK, but Cody? He just jumped right in the crowd then did an acoustic set. It was beautiful.

Jack and Alex (and their super biz tour manager Bryan) would be like "Hey! Come hang!" but i reserved all my hanging til the very last night, when i popped the bottle of moet they got me (and i forgot about) in my hometown, drank mostly all of it, and ran around screaming about my Fantasy Football team (which was killing it) and my stomach Doug. Me in my highest form no doubt. I've been told i'm "a lot to handle" so I try to give myself to people in tiny little obnoxious doses. It's v chill. All Time Low is the best band I've ever seen live, and i'm even more of a fan post tour. Their fans are amazing. They're great. I'm dick eating. I need to stop. They're perfect.

But that's the end of the tour. How'd we get here so quickly? We need to rewind like 17 days.

The initial drive to Portland was long but awesome. We spent our first night in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. We stopped in Chicago to eat deep dish and get in a quick rehearsal. We felt punk as fuck rehearsing in a moving RV, (think HOLDING GEAR so it doesn't slide of tables, and falling into eachother, while Kavan drove like 80 miles an hour. Basically rehearsing during an earthquake). We stopped in Salem, MA and bought spells. Kavan got one for improving psychic ability, and I got one for finding treasures. I found like FIVE dead bugs but Kavan went under a bridge and took our AC unit almost clean off so i don't think his worked all that well….

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Rehearsing on the RV with @dnny and @thedimestorenovelist, @kavanthekid is the captain.

Rehearsing on the RV with @dnny and @thedimestorenovelist, @kavanthekid is the captain.

Tour life is crazy. You're sleeping like 4 hours a night. Loading in at 3pm, then setting up merch, sound checking at 5pm, performing at 7pm then hanging out with all the kids who felt your set untill 11:30, then hopping in a car to drive like 5 hours, rolling into hotels at 5am, sleeping til 11am, then driving the last few hours to the next destination and doing it all again. So you're basically torturing yourself physically for WEEKS, and the weirdest thing about it? The shows make it worth it. They made me so high.

Winnipeg was fun AF!

It was also incredible to see almost every one of my best friends ever in a span of 17 days. We talked about all the mushroom trips and how hungry I was and how I always knew I'd be doing shit like this and nobody believed me. They updated me on my enemies and how sad their lives are (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FEEELS NICE WINNING BITCH), but most importantly, being in the old places with the old peeps forced me to reflect on my journey. I love these people right here.


Anyways. The last show was 5 days ago and I'm STILL buzzing with excitement. I've been doing everything i can think of to try and level out. Yoga (fuck u yoga is great), tomato juice (? ), cuddling bruce (who has a sick new pink hawk), smoking fatttt bowls and trying to remember to breathe.

A big thank you to everyone who made my nights what they were, you know who you are. I seriously loved meeting all of you. I keep cycling through the crowds, the moments and your faces in my head trying not to forget anything. I just want to keep this forever.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.44.15 AM.png

Hopefully I see you guys soon! For those who keep asking, the music i performed isn't out yet... except for MADE IN GOLD which is basically everywhere.

Later dudes.