Last night when i got to the stage the soundgirl hadn't turned on the lines yet, unaware, I tried to start doing my set. I couldn't hear anything. The crowd started chanting "ICP" over me, booing and telling me to get off the stage. Keeping my eye on the crowd in case someones decided to throw a bottle,I cut the track, stood in the middle of the stage, and spent 2 minutes getting the sound right while people screamed the worst things at me. When i felt like it was workable I said 'F it' and just ran 'who i be'. 2 bars in the entire room was silenced. After my first track i had them all chanting MY name. The crowd loved me.

I guess my point is that somehow the worst moment managed to turn into one of the best nights.

Thanks so much to everyone who was there. I don't mind proving myself to you, but hopefully you're not so quick to judge a female rapper next time.