Leaving for tour on Friday.

I'm really excited about this tour. On Friday I'm shoving a few of my favorite friends (KavanDanny & Charles) into a 30 foot RV, and starting the trip to Portland, Maine. Out first show with ALL TIME LOW and SET IT OFF is on the 17th, then we drive up to Montreal, down to RIOTFEST in Toronto, then all the way back to Vancouver.  

This won't be my first time driving accross Canada. I toured years ago with R.A. The Ruggedman and Killah Priest. That tour was fucked up. I trusted some idiot kid to do a lot of the heavy lifting when I should have done it all myself. Everyone ended up getting ripped off and I almost kicked the shit out of someone who i once considered one of my best friends. My boyfriend and I fought the entire way, broke up in Toronto and I didn't even go to my last show. My last night of that tour was spent at a party in Niagara falls contemplating taking my own life. I did what I always did in that situation. I got really fucking high, I skyped Tom , and made out with one of my enemies. I've always had a thing for people I hate.  

Thats how I remember that tour. It was sad and pathetic and depressing and weird and uncomfortable and real as fuck. My life was often all of those things... But the moments where everything felt ok was when I was on stage.

I know this tour will be different. Being in pain used to make me feel so alive, and as Friday gets closer, I feel a different kind of ALIVE. I'm HAPPY and EXCITED and I can't wait to get out there and see you guys and make these memories with my friends.

So, with that being said, this tour means A LOT to me, so GET TICKETS, and if you can't afford it, remember when I'm going to be coming through your city so we can meet up and smash a quick 40 after the show. My 347 number won't be active in Canada, so i'll post my canadian number when I get it. 

Guys i'm jacked.