Nova Rockafeller - "Jesus on my Neck" (lyrics)

Verse 1
Time took the pain, but then nothing grew back in it’s place. 
And So I watered it with whiskey, spoke in tongues at it’s grave. 

You’d think the devils on his way the way I Cycle through plagues.
A ballerina in a box, for the spiral I’m made. 

I Go around in circles and I cycle through days, 
In a city full of sirens and black tidalling waves. 
I swim out past the breakers, til it sparkles and fades. 
Until the Stars are clear as ever and they’re screaming my name. 

I’m so dead, If I died I wouldn’t notice. 
Pull up at the gates, inna uber Ford Focus. 
All I see is red, and I feel like Moses
Jesus on my neck, Jesus on my neck. 

Verse 2
Jesus on my speed dial, right after all the demons
Fighting them in levels final boss will be the ceiling. 
I’m ignoring every call, Might as well have got a pager. 
I’m only showing up to paper so man Fuck you and your rager.  

Another face from a bad dream, a name I wrote on paper. 
Set to flame and then swallowed because the sacrifice was safer. 
Another stranger that I smile at when I’m out buying milk, 
Where I’m a name on a credit card, of which I can’t pay the bill.  

I don't need nobody when that shit pops off
You don't like the way I'm going you can get dropped off
All the blood that's on my hands can never get washed off
I got fans to pull up on you like barrap pop pop