Nova Rockafeller - "WISHING WELL" (lyrics)

Verse 1
If I could take a picture of my brain,
Ashes in a field, and my mansion burnt to frames. 
Locked inside the basement is the people that I blame,
for the pain, and a field of smoking embers in the rain.

smoke settled and now all I smell is sulfur, 

Making offerings to circling vultures. 
Killing all the parts of me that learned to dream in color. 
Because keeping them alive would mean they’d always have to suffer

Then I blinked and got lost in the instance.
I got so far and all it cost me was distance.
Fire in the air, I made ash from my kingdom.
and fell flat on my back from flipping off the system.

It's not right that when I jumped I did not take flight.
And now the voices in my head keep saying they got it right.
Now I’m terrified of heights, and I’m blind to all the lights.
Tying shit around my neck tryna put stars into my nights

Don’t come wishing at my well,
Saying that you miss me and you hope I find myself.
You and your well wishes,
See you in hell bitches,
Keep your two pennies up in that jar thats on your shelf.
Y'all don't know me no more. 

Verse 2
There’s a couple people that I wanna see. 
but Im trying not to get in trouble with my feet.
Ialk a string of bad decisions, She been known to go repeat.
With a head full of issues she tell everyone I meet.

I used to have compassion for her. Think that they were asking for her.
Didn’t understand why they would break her when they can’t restore her,
Then there’s blood on the floor I see black,
This wouldn’t have fucking happened if I didn’t find your knife in my back.

Don’t you ever think you fueled my fire, or left me inspired.
Like hitting rock bottom was just what I required.
How when the perfect all faded and I was left on the wire.
Bet you expected me to up and retire.

You fuckin flake. How am I’m doing fucking great.
I just feel a crushing pain with every breath I fucking take. Take. Take.
But as I bring my mansion to the ground.
brick by brick I build a castle in the clouds.